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TLV-Private to the Borg Queen from where ever he's hiding out for now  
11:33am 12/09/2009
Alex Krycek
Let's talk a minute here--

I have absolutely no interest in becoming one of your little 'puppets'. The last time an alien entity took control of my body, it didn't end so well. Obviously, you have no intention of stopping this cushy little takeover you've got planned so instead, let me offer you an alternative to adding me to your ranks. You keep your virus out of me and your drones keep their distance, and I'll bring you the people you want on this crummy boat. Hell, I'll even let you know what's being said behind your back.

We got a deal?
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07:24pm 12/09/2009 (UTC)
Borg Queen: Smile - Curious
Let's, as they say, work together... Our terms remain the same as before.

We don't need to assimilate you... We'd just like to. For the right incentive, we can even ignore that impulse.
picword: Smile - Curious
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I'm gonna say he responded before his thread with Bones because...yeah.
07:26pm 12/09/2009 (UTC)
Alex Krycek: Professional/polite
I can live with that. Assuming you don't find the need to assimilate me at any point.

How about I make good on my promise and get you that Starfleet officer? That'd be a pretty big incentive, right?
picword: Professional/polite
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Some things can be too pretty to delete and stuff!
07:36pm 12/09/2009 (UTC)
Borg Queen: Intimate
It would be perfect.

You're learning well...
picword: Intimate
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(no subject)
07:37pm 12/09/2009 (UTC)
Alex Krycek: Snerk
Then I guess I better go "make it so".
picword: Snerk
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