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TLV -003  
12:56pm 14/10/2009
Alex Krycek
I've heard this mentioned before but what the hell, I'll ask anyhow. How many people here are not human? Or, for that matter, how many people are human, but got something extra going on? Anyone want to clue me in?
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TLV--Private to Prefect  
12:59pm 23/09/2009
Alex Krycek
Find any buyers yet? I haven't heard anything from you.
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04:57pm 18/09/2009
Alex Krycek
There's one alien race I'm not sad to see go. I had no interest in becoming one of them.

[Private to McCoy:]

No hard feelings, Doctor?
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TLV-Private to the Borg Queen from where ever he's hiding out for now  
11:33am 12/09/2009
Alex Krycek
Let's talk a minute here--

I have absolutely no interest in becoming one of your little 'puppets'. The last time an alien entity took control of my body, it didn't end so well. Obviously, you have no intention of stopping this cushy little takeover you've got planned so instead, let me offer you an alternative to adding me to your ranks. You keep your virus out of me and your drones keep their distance, and I'll bring you the people you want on this crummy boat. Hell, I'll even let you know what's being said behind your back.

We got a deal?
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TLV--Private to Prefect (from 0)  
10:57am 07/09/2009
Alex Krycek
Hey, can we talk?
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TLV--Private to Alpha  
09:09pm 01/09/2009
Alex Krycek
It's done.
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TLV--Private to Snoop  
06:04pm 26/08/2009
Alex Krycek
Hey, you wanna go for a walk?
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TLV--Private to Major Henry West, Dr Horrible, Charlie Prince, Adam Monroe, Namor  
03:30pm 18/08/2009
Alex Krycek
[Like with Prefect, each of these individuals gets their own private message instead of one group message.]

Hi there. I was wondering if I could have a word with you...
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10:40am 29/07/2009
Alex Krycek
Would someone here mind telling me what's going on?
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02:16pm 09/07/2009
Alex Krycek
What the hell.
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